Spots on Tonsils

one swollen tonsil with white spots

The disease, characterized by swollen tonsils with white spots is referred to as tonsillitis (angina). It can be caused by bacteria and viruses, or else occur on the ground of blood diseases. Tonsillitis involves the risk of such complications, as abscess, lymphadenitis, sepsis, rheumatism, polyarthritis and pyelonephritis. Therefore, swollen tonsils with spots are an alerting symptom, urging the patient to visit an otolaryngologist. Read more..

ulcers on tonsillar area

There are several diseases, accompanied by the occurrence of ulcers on tonsils. For example, Vincent’s angina, induced by a specific incitant agent, is characterized by this very peculiar symptom. Initially, it can take a practically asymptomatic course; however the disease is threatening with possible complications. Agranulocytosis and leucosis constitute a totally different matter. These diseases are aggressive in themselves, while ulcerous tonsillitis is just one of its evidences. In any case, ulceration of the mucous membrane of tonsils is an alerting symptom, which requires additional examination by an otolaryngologist. Read more..

pus spots on tonsils

Appearance of white pus in tonsils is one of the symptoms of tonsillitis. This bacteria induced disease assumes a certain risk, associated with the development of complications, such as rheumatism, affection of the heart and kidneys. It is usually provoked by streptococci; however we also distinguish between specific, viral and even oncology related tonsillitis. Only the otolaryngologist can identify the type of this disease and prescribe effective treatment, which is either limited to conservative therapy or requires surgical intervention. Read more..

white patches on tonsils

Tonsils present assembly of lymphadenoid tissue. They can be infected by viruses, bacteria, and fungi. To find out the cause of white spots on tonsils; it is necessary to visit an otolaryngologist since various diseases might feature similar symptoms while their treatment is totally different. After all, the main reason for visiting a clinic is receiving adequate therapy, aimed at complete recovery. Read more..