How Long Does Strep Throat Last? Symptoms Of Pharyngitis And Methods Of Its Treatment

The central fragment of throat – oropharynx, can inflame independently. Otherwise, pharyngitis can appear as one of the elements of flu, measles or scarlet fever. It is the etiology, as well as presence or absence of inflammation of tonsils, paranasal sinuses and lungs that determine the duration of strep throat. In the mildest case of common cold, the disease should not last for more than 5 days. The treatment of such a pathology is symptomatic and includes gargles, sprays and throat lozenges. Persistence of inflammatory process is an unfavorable sign, in which case it is required to consult an otolaryngologist.

Strep throat is about impermanent inflammation of mucous membrane of the central fragment of throat, usually caused by a virus infection. Often, strep throat is combined with acute rhinitis, tonsillitis or laryngitis. Isolated pharyngitis is not a common disease. It can result from general or local (very cold drink) supercooling or from the influence of harmful working conditions, e.g. at chemical industries. Duration of strep throat depends on the specific type of virus – the viral agent – as well as the presence or absence of concomitant pathologies.

what does strep throat look like

Symptoms of the disease, pointing to duration of strep throat

Strep throat, taken individually, does not actually affect general well-being of the patient. Body temperature at this pathology does not rise above 38°, and there might be no complaints, associated with the throat. The situation is different in case pharyngitis is only a part of a symptom set of scarlatina, which is characterized by fever and rapid deterioration of general well-being.

Local aggregate of symptoms includes:

  • Sore throat;
  • Increased dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing);
  • Subsiding of irritation of the mucous membrane after using warm drinks (tea, warmed milk);
  • «Scratching», throat clearing;
  • Congestion of ears (not in all cases).

Externally, strep throat looks like swelling and reddening of the mucous lining of the oropharynx. It is also possible to observe enlargement of follicles (structural units of lymphadenoid tissue) of the back wall of the throat, as well as discharge of white mucopurulent substance.

strep throat symptoms

Depending on its pathological agent, strep throat can be complicated with appearance of fur on the mucous membrane or involving epipharynx, tonsils and larynx in the inflammatory process.

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Methods of treatment, determining duration of strep throat

Pharyngitis, which is induced by acute respiratory infection or supercooling, should pass away in 5 days. There are no specific methods of treatment in this case and once the viral etiology of the disease is established, the doctor prescribes anti-viral medication and interferon.

In case of any doubt about etiology, it is better to opt for symptomatic therapy. That is to say, gargling of the throat, for example with alkaline solutions or brews made of anti-inflammatory herbs. Antiseptic sprays and throat lozenges are also very effective and relieve pain, soothing irritation of the mucous membrane.

It is important to note that strep throat, provided that it is not complicated with genyantritis, tonsillitis or inflammation of lungs, does not require antibiotic therapy. The effect of antibiotics is futile since the agents of the disease are not harmful bacteria. Antibiotics in this case will only destroy normal micro flora of the throat, thus provoking the risk of fungal infection and development of Candidiasis.

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Thus, even in case pharyngitis is not treated, it should not last for more than 5 days, otherwise, it is required to consult an otolaryngologist, who will thorough examine the case and prevent possible complications.