White Spots On Skin: 8 Dermatological Conditions, Causing Loss of Pigmentation

White Spots: How To Get Rid Of Them?

  • Hormonal medications. Before you begin to take any hormonal medications, you must consult an endocrinologist. For white spots doctors often prescribe corticosteroids. In combination with vitamins A and E, they produce quite a good effect.
  • Local therapy. Patients can take medications, promoting skin metabolism and boosting melanin synthesis. For this purpose they use alcohol based solutions with various herbs and irradiate affected skin with ultraviolet.
  • PUVA therapy. This method provides delivery of a corticosteroid or other prescribed medication into the skin with UV rays.
  • Excimer laser. UV radiance of high intensity is directed to problematic areas. Laser stimulates melanocytes activity (cells producing coloring pigment melanin).

White Spots On Face & Body: Why Do You Have Them?

In short, because your melanin-producing skin cells function insufficiently. Whether it’s your heredity, auto-immune disorder, vitamin deficiency thyroid hyper activity or any other cause, only a medical professional can determine it. However, we will provide you with some useful information as well. You may have white spots on face & body due to the skin disorders, listed below.

#1 Vitiligo

VitiligoWhen you are getting sun tan, some areas of your skin remain absolutely white, without any tan? It can be vitiligo. 2% of American population (2-5 million people) are affected by this disorder. Why does it occur? The exact causes aren’t determined yet family history and autoimmune diseases count. As a matter of fact, our skin contains special cells – melanocytes (from Greek melanos – dark). Under UV influence melanocytes begin to produce pigment (melanin) that colors our skin in a darker hue to protect it from UV radiance. In other words, in response to ultraviolet melanocytes excrete a colorant that simply rises to the skin surface, physically making it darker. Due to some reasons a person may have areas deprived of this capacity. Why? Our organism begins to eliminate melanocytes, causing auto-immune melanocyte destruction.

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