White Spots On Skin: 8 Dermatological Conditions, Causing Loss of Pigmentation

How to prevent Pituriasis (Tinea) Versicolor?

  • Wash the pilose and hairless skin areas on head with different solutions and in different ways so that the infection doesn’t spread to healthy skin.
  • Personal hygiene is a must: don’t ever share your towels, clothes, bath sponges, etc., with other people.

#4 Nevus Achromicus

Nevus AchromicusIt’s characterized by hypopigmented or depigmented skin areas – white spots on skin, caused by insufficient melanin production by melanocytes. These white or light colored spots are permanent, inborn, unlike vitiligo. They won’t progress or disappear with age. Nevus Achromicus can’t be treated.

#5 Venus Necklace

Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? However, what stands behind this poetic term is rather prosaic – the sign of secondary syphilis – infectious, courageous disease that can threaten human life if not treated. While vitiligo, mentioned above, belongs to auto-immune processes, here we are dealing with immune organism’s reactions. Syphilis is easily treated by antibiotics of the penicillin group (the 1st antibiotics produced in history). Venus necklace appears at the base of the neck.

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