Sore Throat With White Spots. Tonsillitis, Pharyngitis Or Pharyngomycosis?

Sore throat with white spots as a sign of chronic pharyngitis

We distinguish between several types of chronic sore throat: catarrhal, atrophic and hypertrophic pharyngitis. The latter goes in line with white bumps on back of throat. They are actually follicles, filled with matter – lymphoid formations.

white sore in back of throat

Etiology of chronic pharyngitis is usually multi-agent. Employees of chemical industries, as well as people, who have focuses of chronic infection in their organisms (matter in sinuses, chronic tonsillitis, etc.) are most exposed to this disease.

Hypertrophic pharyngitis is expressed in dull pain in the throat and the desire to constantly couch up the sticky mucus. The treatment of this disease should start with minimizing the harmful effect of etiological factors – underlying agent of the disease. The doctor can prescribe inhalations and local application of anti-inflammatory solutions for gargling.

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