White Dots On Throat. Treatment Of Tonsils And Pharynx Against Appearance Of White Dots

The throat micro flora features Candida fungi. When the organism is weakened due to unsupervised intake if antibiotics or a certain disease, these agents can provoke development of Candida mycosis. This disease involves appearance of white dots on throat, as well as inflammation of the mucous membrane. The treatment includes reconsideration of antibiotic and antifungal therapy and stimulation of the immune system. All this should better be done under the supervision of an otolaryngologist.

Etiology of white dots on throat

Candidiasis is a fungal infection of the throat, which is accompanied by puncture fur in the form of peculiar white dots on throat.

white dots on back of throat

The yeast-like fungi are the main agents of this disease. Usually, the normal micro flora of the oral cavity and the throat (which also features a certain volume of Candida fungi) does not provide for a favorable environment for the proliferation of mycosis. The pH level and presence of lysozyme (antiseptic) in saliva help killing the yeast.

white dots in mouth and throat

Favorable conditions for the growth of mycotic agents:

  • Long-term antibiotic therapy with local or general effect
  • Acquired immune deficiency, particularly due to HIV;
  • Habits and working environment, exhausting the immune system (e.g. smoking).

The indicated factors can lead to mouth micro flora dysbacteriosis.

Other symptoms of candidiasis, apart from white dots on throat

Colonization of the throat by fungi often leads to a fever. Besides, some patients report sensations of sore throat and dysphagy (disturbed swallowing). The visual image of oral cavity becomes rather specific, featuring punctuate fur, covering all the mucous membrane, scarlet with inflammation.

Further course of the disease involves massive tissue necrosis. Visually, this is expressed in merging of white dots on throat into layers of grey fur, which, after being mechanically removed, leaves erosive sites on the membrane.

white dots in back of mouth

Formation of such tightly adjacent membranes and cankering of the surface should not be confused with diphtheria of the throat, fusospirillosis (mycobacterial tonsillitis in patients with weak immune system) and tonsillitis in case of blood diseases.

Besides, candidiasis should not be confused with leptotrichosis. Even though both of these diseases are classified into the pharyngomycosis type, the course, treatment and prognosis are absolutely different. Leptotrichosis pertains to chronic pharyngo-tonsillitis. This disease does not necessarily involve inflammation of the mucous membrane. Instead of small white dots, it becomes covered with hard thorns, while the patient may have absolutely no complaints.

All this conditions can be differentiated with the help of microscopic examination of the discharged sample, which, in case of Candida mycosis, contains the so-called Candida fungi. This test can be carried out in a clinic, where one should go in case of observing any type of fur. Accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment should be trusted exclusively to an otolaryngologist.

Treatment of candidosis – the main cause of white dots on throat

The first thing to be done in the scheme of anti-mycotic therapy of throat is reconsideration of all antibiotics. Besides, it is required to maximally reinforce the immune system by giving up all bad habits and developing healthy ones instead, including healthy diet, physical exercises, etc.

Specific treatment involves antifungal medication, both local and in the form of pills. Another recommendation is gargling the throat, covered with white dots, with saline solutions and applying antiseptic ointments. In order to avoid complications of Candida mycosis, one should abstain from self-treatment, trusting this laborious process to a specialist.