4 Causes For Having White Patches On Throat

Purulence of follicles is referred to as patches on throat. It is common for such diseases, as acute follicular and chronic tonsillitis, chronic pharyngitis and leptotrichosis. Since a number of vital functions are performed by follicles, accumulation of matter in them requires complex treatment, which the otolaryngologist prescribes after examination.

Follicles are lymphoid formations that present in the shape of grains, which can either reside in groups, thus forming tonsils, or locate separately in the thickness of the mucous membrane, for example on the back wall of the throat. They are considered to be agents of the immune system and externally resemble white patches on throat, in case there is matter accumulated in them.

The first cause for having white patches on throat is acute follicular tonsillitis

Classical symptoms of follicular tonsillitis (commonly referred to as quinsy) are high temperature, sore throat, expressed deterioration of general well-being (dizziness, back pain, headache) and distinct changes in the throat. Examining the patient’s throat, one can see that the mucous membrane is reddened and swollen, tonsils are s

ignificantly enlarged, their surface thick-sown with white patches on throat which appear in the form of follicles, filled with matter. Eventually these abscesses break, causing painful erosions.

white patches on throat

The treatment of follicular or any type of tonsillitis involves massive antibiotic therapy. This disease can transition to renal irritation or cardiovascular diseases, therefore its treatment and, especially the monitoring of absolute recovery should be entrusted to an otolaryngologist.

Chronic tonsillitis is also characterized by the presence of white patches on throat

Chronic tonsillitis appears in the setting of system or local immunity disorders, which develop under the influence of:

  • Recent severe infections (diphtheria, scarlet fever);
  • Over exhaustion;
  • Frequent quinsy;
  • Hypovitaminosis.

It is accompanied by practically constant dull ache in the throat, general weakness and bad breath. The latter is explained by the fact that the follicles contain not only matter, but also decayed substances: thick necrotic caseous mass. Evil odor that comes from the patches can be taken as a symptom of digestive tract disorders or dental caries. It is difficult to accurately diagnose this condition as chronic tonsillitis is often interconnected with other focuses of chronic infections. Only the doctor can distinguish these conditions, detecting typical yellow-white patches on throat and examining their content.

white patches in back of throat

The treatment of chronic tonsillitis can be conservative, that is to say either medial – aimed at the elimination of the cause and the symptoms, or surgical – exsection of inflamed tonsils. The volume and management of treatment should be determined by a specialist.

White patches on throat, as a result of chronic pharyngitis

Chronic inflammation of throat often develops in chemical industry workers. Besides, spicy food and alcohol, smoking, as well as infections of adjacent organs (tonsillitis, pulpitis, etc.) have certain etiological significance.

We distinguish between catarrhal, atrophic and hypertrophic pharyngitis. The latter has a distinctive feature, which shows in the form of putrid white patches on throat, particularly, on its back wall.

white patches in throat no fever

The symptoms of this disease are rather indistinct – dull ache, desire to cough up the mucus. Nevertheless, just like any other inflammation of lymphoid follicles, chronic pharyngitis requires treatment under medical supervision. On the first place, the therapy is aimed at elimination of irritating factors and “extinguishment” of focuses of chronic infection, present in the organism.

Lastly, can white patches on throat be a sign of leptotrichosis?

Torpid and almost asymptomatic chronic leptotrichosis has a number of synonyms, such as pharyngomycosis, pharyngokeratosis, etc. It is marked by the presence of acanthoid proliferation in the follicles, which in case of chronic tonsillitis, visually resembles white patches on throat.

white patches on tonsils no pain

The main distinctive features of mycotic patches are the sharpened top and keractic surface. Examining such “thorns” under microscope one can notice accumulation of leptotrix bacteria, which actually cause the development of this disease.

The treatment of pharyngomycosis is rather complex, but unfortunately, ineffective. Apart from local drugs, it is common to apply cryodestruction of patches, as well as laser cautery. Another aspect of therapy is a general heath-improving program.

Generally, considering basic functions of follicles, which are

  • Bleeding – with lymphocyte content;
  • Protective – the lymphocytes that emerge to the surface of follicles produce antibacterial substances. Besides, this is the place where interferon is being produced.
  • Informative – the mucous membrane over “the immune grains” can “resemble” direct infections. Consequently, immune resistance is based on these facts.

It becomes obvious that the lymphoid tissue is extremely important for the organism. That is why diseases, that are associated with its affection, can take aggressive course and are always fraught with possible complications. Therefore, purulence of follicles (white patches on throat) is a serious reason for consulting an otolaryngologist.