White Spot On Tonsil: 4 Causes & 7 Recommendations On Its Removal

The white spots patients can see in the mirror on their tonsils must be examined by an otolaryngologist. Actually, the terms “white coating”, “white bumps”, “white spots”, etc. often don’t mean the same for doctors and their patients. A medical professional observes the symptoms with a professional eye: white color of coating may range from gray to yellowish and be concentrated at different locations, like a curd-like coating (spots) all over the tonsils, spreading to larynx, etc. Patients often worry too much about unusual white spots, first discovered on their own tonsils or in their children. If you have encountered this problem, the article is for you. We will discuss many interesting aspects, concerning the topic: causes of white spots on tonsils, how to remove them and what actually stands behind frequent problems with tonsils.

White Lumps At the Back Of Throat: Where They Originate From

#1 Tonsiliths (Tonsil stones)

A problem of white clogs on tonsils bothers many people. In medicine they are called tonsiliths. The size of tonsil stones may vary from 1 mm to a few centimeters. The color ranges from white through yellow to gray, brown or even red. They can be soft or quite solid which is explained by presence of calcium salts in them. Tonsiliths consist of cells, shed from the tonsil surface and mouth cavity, remains of food and bacteria, decomposing these organic remains. Causes of their formation are unknown same like the reason why some people have them and some don’t. Men develop tonsiliths twice oftener than women, besides they often occur in people who frequently have a sore throat or chronic tonsilitis.

Can White Spot On Tonsil Be Dangerous?

If it’s a tonsilith, it doesn’t present any danger for your health. However, due to well-understood reasons, formation of tonsil stones is an extremely unpleasant phenomenon. That’s why many people are interested whether they can be removed without a surgery and how to get rid of them. Below we are listing quite useful recommendations on tonsiliths removal.

#2 Tonsilitis

Usually this condition is not dangerous if it doesn’t trigger peritonsillar abscess. Most often tonsilitis affects children aged 3-7 y.o. – the period when tonsils play an active role in fighting the infection. Most tonsil infections are caused by streptococci. Tonsillitis symptoms include:

  • painful throat, red swollen tonsils with white spots
  • swollen sensitive lymph nodes on neck and under jaw
  • low body temperature, fever and headache

An ulcer on tonsil may look alarmingly if you see it for the first time. In reality patients often refer to tonsils’ lacunas (twisted tunnels in tonsils structure) as “ulcers”. Chronic tonsilitis often develops after infectious mononucleosis.

#3 Angina Throat

In most cases the white on tonsils is nothing than numerous sacs with pus liquid – symptoms of angina. There are 2 angina types: follicular and lacunar angina. One visual examination will be enough for a doctor to determine the origin of your spots on tonsils. If it’s follicular angina, small follicles or blisters on tonsils are formed. Lacunar angina produces white dots on tonsils.

So, the main difference between these 2 types of angina is the amount of pus, contained in the sacs. If the disease is neglected, a patient can easily develop its chronic form or provide a sufficient ground for occurrence of another medical condition. A frequent example of such omission, for instance, is formation of bumps, filled with pus which can be removed only surgically.

Major causes of angina with white patches on tonsils include:

  • consumption of cold drinks and cold milk products
  • droughts, provoking development of tonsilitis, transforming into angina
  • long-term swimming in cool water
  • weak immune system

#4 Oral Thrush

Curd-like coating anywhere in the mouth, including tonsils, is a typical symptom of oral candidiasis or thrush, often diagnosed in little children and adults with weak immune system. If it’s oral thrush, white spots on tonsils are formed by a fungal infection.

White Bumps On Tonsils: Contemporary Medical Point Of View

There has always been too much debate on whether to remove tonsils or not. Tonsils are considered to be the first line of immunity protection. Contemporary medicine views tonsil inflammation (tonsilitis, angina) as organism’s attempt to protect the lungs from sinus infections. Therefore, successful treatment of chronic tonsilitis suggests treatment of the ailments, affecting sinuses. The nasal cavity may conceal numerous problems from disorders of nasal aerodynamics to chronic sinus infections. Every condition needs treatments with individual selection of anti-inflammatory nasal drops.

“Wars with tonsils” today are more appealing to those, who don’t know how to treat sinuses, because this is much more complicated than tonsils removal. Alternatively tonsils are treated by numerous methods which today also acquire a commercial interest, expressed in versatile thematic commercials and advertisements.

How To Remove White Pus Bumps From Tonsils?

  1. Having noticed a white spot on tonsil, many people try to remove it, using fingers, a tooth brush, spoon, cotton swabs or similar “tools”. Small bumps, located on the tonsil surface, can really be removed, however, often such methods traumatize tonsils, provoking pains in throat and even bleeding. That’s why it’s better to try more sparing solutions, listed below or entrust this complicated work to medical professionals.
  2. Formation of white pus bumps on tonsils is associated with frequent colds, episodes of rhinitis, chronic and acute tonsillitis and even cavities. So, start from the treatment of the underlying cause and use additional procedures to accelerate your recovery process.
  3. Usually bad breath, a foul odor, indicates the presence of pus bumps on the throat. Yet, sometimes they can’t be easily observed. In this case wrap your finger in a few layers of medical gauze and rub every tonsil, slightly pressing on it. That will help to release pus from bumps.
  4. Rinse the crevices with some antibacterial remedy, for example, furacin solution. Dissolve its powder in 0,5 l of previously boiled water to get light yellow solution and gargle your throat a few times thoroughly. Repeat the procedure up to 5 times a day.
  5. 10-20 minutes after rinsing your tonsils, irrigate them or gargle with streptocide soluble solution. This remedy has shown great results in treatment of pus angina and chronic tonsilitis. Crush 1 tablet of streptocide and dissolve the powder in a glass of warm water. Gargle your throat a few times. It’s going to give you a bitter taste in the throat, but don’t eat or drink anything at once because the medicine needs time to produce its curable effect.
  6. Normally furacin and streptocide gargles/irrigation eliminate pus bumps on tonsils on the 2nd – 3rd day, however, you should continue the procedures at least 5-7 days in a row. Additionally you may use infusions of chamomile and pine needles, possessing excellent anti-inflammatory properties, for gargles and inhalations.
  7. Remember that microbes don’t like fruits with high vitamin C content. When you feel like you are getting sick, try to eat more fresh fruit, gargle your throat with herbal infusions, use mint, calendula, hawthorn tinctures and infusions. Gargles with soda and salt also give great results, relieving throat from pus formations.

Summing up, it should be mentioned that if a problem of spots on tonsils bothers you too much, the only solution to fix it once and for all is surgical removal of tonsils. After the tonsils are removed, the bumps will not form anymore. This decision though should be thoughtfully considered, weighing all pros and cons and keeping in mind the contemporary medical point of view at the role that tonsils play for your organism and their relation to sinus infections. Having removed your tonsils, you will lose one natural barrier, protecting your lungs.

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