White Spot On Tonsil: 4 Causes & 7 Recommendations On Its Removal

Can White Spot On Tonsil Be Dangerous?

If it’s a tonsilith, it doesn’t present any danger for your health. However, due to well-understood reasons, formation of tonsil stones is an extremely unpleasant phenomenon. That’s why many people are interested whether they can be removed without a surgery and how to get rid of them. Below we are listing quite useful recommendations on tonsiliths removal.

#2 Tonsilitis

Usually this condition is not dangerous if it doesn’t trigger peritonsillar abscess. Most often tonsilitis affects children aged 3-7 y.o. – the period when tonsils play an active role in fighting the infection. Most tonsil infections are caused by streptococci. Tonsillitis symptoms include:

  • painful throat, red swollen tonsils with white spots
  • swollen sensitive lymph nodes on neck and under jaw
  • low body temperature, fever and headache

An ulcer on tonsil may look alarmingly if you see it for the first time. In reality patients often refer to tonsils’ lacunas (twisted tunnels in tonsils structure) as “ulcers”. Chronic tonsilitis often develops after infectious mononucleosis.

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