White Spot On Tonsil: 4 Causes & 7 Recommendations On Its Removal

#3 Angina Throat

In most cases the white on tonsils is nothing than numerous sacs with pus liquid – symptoms of angina. There are 2 angina types: follicular and lacunar angina. One visual examination will be enough for a doctor to determine the origin of your spots on tonsils. If it’s follicular angina, small follicles or blisters on tonsils are formed. Lacunar angina produces white dots on tonsils.

So, the main difference between these 2 types of angina is the amount of pus, contained in the sacs. If the disease is neglected, a patient can easily develop its chronic form or provide a sufficient ground for occurrence of another medical condition. A frequent example of such omission, for instance, is formation of bumps, filled with pus which can be removed only surgically.

Major causes of angina with white patches on tonsils include:

  • consumption of cold drinks and cold milk products
  • droughts, provoking development of tonsilitis, transforming into angina
  • long-term swimming in cool water
  • weak immune system
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