White Spots On Back Of Throat – What They Point To And How They Can Be Treated

Oropharynx performs two important functions: the air enters into the throat and food enters into the alimentary canal though the oropharynx. Its structure is well suited for these functions, with an elaborate muscular system, the mucous membrane featuring plenty of vessels and of course, a well developed lymphadenoid tissue (tonsils). At the same time, such a structure contributes to rapid development of inflammation: proliferated vasculature causes speedy edema of the mucous membrane, while the proximity of immune organs provide for severe complication of the process (tissue immunity respond).

white bump in back of throat

Classic causes for having white spots on back of throat

We can outline three basic diseases that are accompanied by white spots on throat:

  • Pharyngitis (inflammation of throat);
  • Tonsillitis (quinsy);
  • Leptotrichosis (a disease, induced by the bacteria, which are normally present in the mouth, but can activate in favorable conditions).

All theses pathologies have various subtypes and varieties. Pharyngitis can be either acute or chronic. Quinsy is classified into specific and non-specific. The first type is caused by diphtheria bacillus, bacteria of tuberculosis, syphilis or other diseases, while the second type may be induced by a complex of banal micro organisms, such as streptococcus. We also distinguish between infectious types of tonsillitis.

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